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The Bon Génie/Grieder department store group (owner: Brunschwig & Cie SA) not only serves demanding customers across the nation but also has a leading position in the fashion sector, with over 700 employees at 30 sales outlets making the dreams of fashion-lovers come true. Backed up by a powerful new network, the company is gaining more time for what’s essential, namely for customer contact.

The leading department store group is betting everything on a single card with its new network – and the tactic is proving successful as the powerful, convergent IP platform combines voice and data communication. New applications such as VoIP and payment transactions can be integrated without difficulty, as can new stores. Following last year’s flooding in Lucerne, for instance, a temporary arrangement there could be got up and running within a week. Ever since the new solution was implemented, Brunschwig & Cie SA has enjoyed a high degree of efficiency – not to mention the resulting cost reductions.

The changeover to the new IT platform went extremely smoothly. There wasn’t even a single interruption to complain about. At the most, employees may have been surprised that the network was suddenly a lot faster. This achievement can be attributed to the exemplary collaboration between the teams from Brunschwig & Cie SA and Swisscom.

There are 25 Bongenie/Grieder stores throughout Switzerland where elegance and fashion meet.  The universe of our stores is the invitation to a speical lifestyle.  A place for women in quest of freedom, luxury and variety. A place for men in search of comfort and simplicity, tradition and modernity. A place for all where elegance and discretion reign supreme. A playtime settting for quality children’s fashions – colourful and diverse.


Bongenie - Geneva

Bongenie - Geneva

7 levels, 5,000 square meters of fashion in the heart of Geneva’s city centre. On each level a specific ambience invites you to discover the leading brands of apparel, fashion and accessories for women, men and children


Greider Men's Boutique Zurich

Greider Men's Boutique Zurich

 A unique concept of refined elegance in a radiant environment dedicated to “upper casual” for men. Sophisticated and comfortable fabrics, a contemporary style devoid of extravagance; for life in the city or “after hours. Everything imaginable to make up a complete wardrobe with accessories. Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Etro, Ralph Lauren and Ermengildo Zegna are the flagship labels of a great boutique where personalised customer assistance and service reign supreme.

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