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1908 – Niels Christian Pedersen Troelstrup opened the first Troelstrup store in the basement of 17 Møntergade in Copenhagen. A few years later, Christian Troelstrup bought the whole property which he redesigned as a department store selling men’s and boyswear.

1936 – purchased the corner property at 5 Vester Voldgade which is the current location of the store.
As his final goodbye to the property in Møntergade, Christian Troelstrup organised an event one spring day in April. He covered the façade of the property in coats – all five storeys from pavement to roof. The picture, which was taken by a passing American photographer, was published in newspapers all over Europe and in America. In 1940, the picture was published in National Geographic, and is still used from time to time today.

1947 – Jarmers Plads went under the name of Buksetorvet (Trouser Market), which referred to Troelstrup’s basement department – a trouser department that never stocked fewer than 10,000 pairs of trousers. Even the conductors on the trams announced the stop as the Trouser Market when trams stopped at Jarmers Plads.

1948 – The Danish multi-artist Storm P, who was one of Christian Troelstrup’s close friends, created a trouser advertisement for the store’s 40th anniversary.
Troelstrup has had a major influence on newspaper advertising over the years. In the past his son, Christian Troelstrup Junior, and his friend and advertising consultant handled the daily newspaper advertising, which was used as a model by Copenhagen Business School.

1982 – After 50 years of loyal service, Sofussen retired. Almost every day the dummy stood outside the entrance to the store to advertise clothes for large adult males. As an added customer service, Sofussen always had a couple of cigars in his top pocket and passers-by who knew him sometimes helped themselves to a cigar. Troelstrup still sells menswear in all sizes.

2003 – Troelstrup completely renovated all floors in 2001-2006. In 2003, an entire womenswear department was launched on the second floor of the store. Since then, work has been on-going to improve and develop our womenswear range to ensure the best high-quality selection.
Just as in the rest of the store’s departments, we strive constantly to optimise our range, and regularly add new, exciting and quality-conscious suppliers to our line-up.

Today – With its five floors of men’s and womenswear, the store is the largest specialist store in Copenhagen, and many of their old values are still alive today.
“They never buy products of poor quality. So it does not matter how cheaply such products can be bought. Regardless of price, a poor product will always be too expensive for their customers. When they sell things cheaply, they are always good products that for some reason have been discounted – never poor products that have been bought cheaply because of their lack of quality.”
This is how Christian Troelstrup expressed it in 1938, and this remains the store’s basic ethos and key value today.

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